Facebook’s Testing New Font Style Options for Posts

This instance became supplied with user Scott Grenney (and shared by Matt Navarra). As you can see, while posting on a laptop, Grenney has the new choice to add ‘Text Effects’ below the main put-up area (and worth noting, Grenney is based inside the UK, even though we have no data on the specifics of the take a look at at this degree). There are five text alternatives to choose from, reflecting those within Facebook Stories. Those are:


  • Fancy
  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Headline
  • Casual

In Stories, they seem to make extra feel, given the tool’s visual awareness, but inside the News Feed… I’m not so sure. Customers can already upload a colorful history to their posts, so there is not a massive bounce in that appreciation. Nonetheless, it may make your Feed quite messy to search if some of your connections are particularly obsessed with expressing their ‘aptitude’ via the options supplied. Facebook hasn’t launched stats on how many people presently use the one’s colored backgrounds on posts. Still, you’ll expect that there’ll be a few crossovers between the users who do and people who might additionally make use of these textual content options. Based on anecdotal proof, most users do not use submit backgrounds, and because they’re now not the default, they have in no way truly regarded taking off. But they’re there. There may be some other option – and via supplying each historical past and textual content alternatives in the update advent window, perhaps Facebook can also spark off sharing into Facebook Stories, which the organization surely desires to see consumer interest shift. But it may get vintage quickly. We’ve asked Facebook for similar rationalization at the check and whether there are any additional plans for the option (i.e. ,  Whether or not it’s laptop handiest). We will replace you as we hear.

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