Is SEO The Key To A Positive Online Presence?

According to one recent study, over 90% of all online experiences between a brand and its customers begin the same way: via a search engine. If you needed a single statistic to underline the importance of brand reputation management, let it be that one. But why is it important to have a good online reputation? Because it helps you create so much more than your products and services alone could. It’s how you build trust and goodwill in your audience, which is a big part of making loyalty. It’s how you turn passive customers into active brand advocates. It’s how you do all of this and more, all at the same time. That, in essence, is why SEO is one of the keys to a positive online presence. Most people will discover your brand for the first time using a search engine like Google. You can either ignore SEO and let your brand’s story be told by someone else or take control of it and get it out into the world on your terms. Truly, it doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.


The Power of SEO

Another recent study confirmed that about 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. This means that while paid ads are important for short-term gains, they do little to help the impression of your brand in the long run. An old saying reminds us that you can only make one first impression, so you must go out of your way to make it the best possible. SEO – and, by association, brand management – is a big part of what allows you to accomplish precisely that.

Why Your Online Reputation Score Matters

This is also why your online reputation score is of paramount importance. Suppose you understand how people see you and are acutely aware of the impression you’re giving off; you know which of your efforts are working… and, more importantly, which ones aren’t. That gives you a unique chance to double down on the former and get rid of the latter, especially in terms of SEO. Paying attention to your online reputation score means you know exactly what type of content to get out into the world, when, and why. At that point, SEO can amplify that content to the widest possible audience – which is the most important benefit of all.

Harnessing Brand Reputation Management to Your Advantage

Ultimately, your brand’s reputation is one of the key competitive advantages you have in your marketplace. There may be many other businesses that do what you do, but nobody does it quite like how you do it. That unique quality – that special characteristic that separates you from so many others in the industry – is what you need to latch onto and get out into the world most effectively. The combination of SEO and brand reputation management is how you do it, which will only get more important as time goes on.

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