Opinion: five motives why you should not aid Coachella

Festival season is in full swing, and this time of 12 months brings concerts galore, and Instagram feeds filled to the brim with extreme outfits and images of overpriced watermelon slices.

Past the filtered posts and dozens of Snapchat memories of the song, acts are also a hazard to reflect on the several problems this popular track festival brings — and no, I’m now not speakme approximately the large quantity of drug-use occurs at these scenes.

1. Coachella has an intricate CEO

Quite likely, Coachella’s largest information that many chose to look past changed into that its proprietor, Philip Anschutz, reportedly supports anti-LGBTQ+ organizations. This has been established to be quite the frenzy as questions were raised to artists and attendees for their pageant’s guide. The query remains: when does the glitz and glamor of Coachella trump human beings’ morals?

During weekend one on my own, Ariana Grande confronted backlash for projecting a rainbow for her set duration even though her overall performance could support the competition financially, and mainly, Anschutz. These competition-goers would possibly want to reconsider how their cash goes — or as a minimum, be cognizant.

2. The “full Coachella experience” comes at an outrageous price

Human beings’ outrageous prices pay for tickets aren’t any secret, but that is just a small part of the high-priced annual occasion. Looking deeper into Coachella, the total pageant experience also consists of new apparel, accommodations, meals, products, and other miscellaneous gadgets that maximum definitely fee quite a lot — even somebody’s hire in a few instances.

According to Business Insider, it fees $429 for fashionable admission festival tickets, but the fees can pass as much as $2,000 for the entire enjoyment for some competition-goers. Of direction, there are always approaches to maintain expenses low, but with pressures high to “make the maximum of it,” that is probably a difficult feat.

3. There are elitist topics gift

There has been a huge sense of classism and elitism surrounding the largest and most popular music fairs inside the globe. The high costs and the multitude of Instagram influencers and celebrities in attendance make the pageant, which started as an alternative song competition, appear simply out of attaining. Getting a price tag and the possibility to be among those celebrities can be greater of a focus than the song and recollections made.

It is so much more centered on the clout that incorporates attending Coachella in place of the festival’s cause was created to be. Ten poses for 20 Instagram pictures, with and without pals, is what the occasion has come to as a way to flaunt your reputation.

4. Cultural appropriation is not unusual on the festival

You and I actually have visible it, but maybe we have not stated anything yet. Maybe, all of us wanted to consider that traditional headdresses stayed in 2014. However, there may be evidence to show that cultural appropriation hasn’t stopped and is, in reality, extra present than ever at Coachella.

Laila Kabongo, a senior majoring in fitness sciences and member of the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, stated the verbal exchange on cultural appropriation has to be on “who do these objects belong to and what cultures discover with the one’s gadgets, and why it’s miles nevertheless wrong to wear them.”

Kabongo stated that she sees hairstyles are judged on a case by using case foundation, but now not pretty, urging people to educate themselves, concentrate and create spaces to talk about cultural appropriation.

“When I see a person who doesn’t identify as black sporting these hairstyles, you already know, as it’s cool or it’s amusing, or it’s state-of-the-art, it’s miles tremendously problematic,” Kabongo said. “Especially because there’s a double general there in why is it ok when you wear my coiffure, but after I do, it’s a problem.”

5. One-weekend competition would not improve the impoverished surrounding towns

The inflow of people and cash that Coachella brings, inclusive of thousands of fanatics and hundreds of dollars being spent, may also seem like a fantastic factor for the neighborhood economic system, and it is — for a time. But all that money normally is going closer to the festival proprietors, performers, and personnel. Throughout the yr, the 2 weekends are not almost enough to help the nearby economy for Coachella Valley and the encircling cities between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

As unexpectedly as a few neglect the controversies that surround the festival, the nearby economic system is omitted just as without problems. According to the Los Angeles Times, “In the arena these articles replicate — this is to mention, reality — 39% of the population in the Eastern Coachella Valley lives in poverty, almost double the kingdom rate.”

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