Previous Incumbent Protests NASA’s $2.9 Billion IT Support Contract

NASA’s primary IT services contract has a new name and vendor. However, the old seller isn’t prepared to bow out. Earlier this month, NASA introduced its $2.Nine billion alternative agency IT settlement would get a new dealer at the side of its unique call. Now, the previous agreement holder is looking at the Government Accountability Office for an evaluation. The area employer provided the NASA End-person Services and Technology, or NEST, contract to Leidos in early February, so one can assist in “establishing long-term outsourcing arrangement with the industrial sector to provide and control most of NASA’s computing hardware, popular agency software, cellular IT services, peripherals and add-ons, associated stop-person services and helping infrastructure,” in step with an organization statement.


The NEST contract replaces the expiring Agency Consolidated End-person Services, or ACES, agreement, which became provided in 2010 to HP Enterprise Services. Last year, HPE’s public area commercial enterprise merged with Vencore and KeyPoint Government Solutions to shape a new organization, Perspecta. With the alternative agreement—and seller—introduced, Perspecta subsidiary Enterprise Services LLC submitted a protest to GAO on Feb. 19, contesting the award. A GAO lawyer who requested to talk on history advised Nextgov Enterprise Services is hard a whole lot of the award choice. “Every part of the assessment is challenged,” they said. “Enterprise argues that if the evaluation has been finished nicely, they, not Leidos, could be selected.” The attorney said Leidos is expected to sign up for the case to protect the award but has yet to accomplish that. GAO has till May 30 to make a selection on the matter.

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