Melissa Charlery stocks her adventure from her beginnings at Gildan 3 years in the past as an intern, to securing a full-time function in the enterprise’s IT department. Here is the story of this younger’s female’s non-public and expert growth after university:

Q: How did you begin here at Gildan?

I applied for an internship process after meeting an HR rep at a University of West Indies profession honest. They failed to call me again right away, so I was a touch careworn as the pressure to get an internship changed into very excessive however I followed up some days later and they requested me to return inside the very subsequent day!

The internship program turned into an excellent enjoy and very hard. What became most tough is which you study matters ‘in theory’ at faculty, however while you go out into the body of workers, you find out that it is completely one-of-a-kind. Needless to mention, the transition from university to paintings was quite hard for me. I had to get used to the transition going from idea to software. When the internship ended,

I became asked to stay onboard in a temporary role and then I became presented a full time function!

Q: What helped make the transition from university to paintings less complicated?

My supervisor became a big assist. When I didn’t realize what to do, I ought to usually expect him for support. What I appreciate maximum about him is that he doesn’t simply give me the proper solutions; alternatively he pointed me in the proper direction to make sure I ought to get to my personal answers. Today, I know I can nonetheless expect him once I need help.

Q: What do you love approximately your activity?

I love the surroundings I paintings in because human beings are warm and open right here. But my favourite part of life at Gildan is that I experience like I’m encouraged to discover new regions of interest. The Company encourages us to constantly suppose out of doors of our particular paintings. It’s wonderful to sincerely have the liberty to experiment with new subjects, technology and speak to special people inside the organization. I also love being able to collaborate with my colleagues in the special hubs.

Q: What precious classes have you learned from operating on the IT guide group?

Patience is truly the maximum essential one!

As an IT guide technician, I am continuously troubleshooting troubles and dealing with exceptional human beings throughout the day. While a few problems may additionally seem small and apparent to me, I need to recall to be affected person and train the worker on the problem due to the fact the answer won’t be as obvious to them.

Q: What is your proudest moment at Gildan?

I guess there is nobody moment in particular, I simply sense like matters clearly clicked into place at Gildan. When I look back at my intern days, I recognise how plenty I’ve grown here. When I started, I changed into terrified to make a mistake, so I become just very cautious. Now I’m plenty extra relaxed in my position and I remember the fact that every mistake is an opportunity to study something new. I use to be shy, and in some approaches I still am, however operating right here has allowed me to open up and pop out of my shell.

Q: If you can cross back in time and provide your self any piece of advice on the day you began your internship, what could you inform your self?

I would say, don’t be so fearful all of the time and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

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