Ankit chose running a blog over a company task. Here’s how it paid off

Ankit Singla changed into 17 while someone brought him to the idea of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). He turned excitedly to take a look at the earning ability. It entailed just convincing greater people to join the program. This is certainly how MLM businesses entice humans into signing up.

He satisfied his mom and borrowed Rs 8,000 from her, promising to return the quantity once you have his first profits. He became a member of the MLM scheme, and now the undertaking was to locate just others. But for a student like him, it isn’t always smooth to discover a person in his friends’ circle.


Assuring them of profits, he eventually satisfied his friends to invest in the MLM. Together, they invested Rs. 24,000. It is no way came returned. Now, Ankit lost Rs 8,000; however, he needed to return the Rs sixteen 000 that his buddies invested as nicely.

This becomes Ankit’s first lesson about how the promise of money without hard work is a rip-off.

He decided to work tough and earn and go back the foregone money to his buddies and mom. He worked as a part-time information-access operator, earning Rs 50 in keeping with hour. He additionally started out teaching at coaching centers and started providing non-public training as properly. In more than one months, he became able to return a number of the money to his buddies.

Then one of his college students stole his cellphone inside the magnificence. He was annoyed and taken aback by way of the incident. Once once more, he needed to scrounge around and store for a new phone.

A promising starting

That becomes the time while he became delivered with the concept of earning profits from blogging. He attempted an extraordinary form of blogs; however, his main impediment changed into writing fluently in English. He spent 2-three years learning content material writing, seo (search engine optimization), and the way to use WordPress.

Ankit tasted success in running a blog by the time he graduated from his university. This encouraged him to develop his blogging business as opposed to becoming a member of a corporate activity. His own family also supported his choice.

Ankit is now a complete-time blogger for the closing 3 years. He closes down a couple of blogs to focus on his mains blog, Master Blogging, on which he teaches the artwork of blogging to rookies.

And here is what he advises anyone wishing to start blogging:

New bloggers make a mistake while finalizing their area of interest. If you locate the proper target market and right merchandise, you might promote the products on your blog.

Study your marketplace and your niche. Be as specific as feasible to outline the audience in your blog.
It is better to spend 2-three months devoted to learning as a substitute losing six months on experimenting after gaining knowledge of from mistakes.

It isn’t always necessary to write an article each unmarried day. Rather, write two amazing articles in a month. In a month, if you spend a collective 30 hours, you can effortlessly write two articles.

Never forestall mastering. Always preserve on studying to scale your weblog.
Ankit did not percentage his actual income but says he is income higher than a project supervisor at an IT corporation. In other words, his batchmates aren’t even incomes 1/2 of what Ankit is making from blogging.

Making an income from doing an honest task of running a blog is a top-notch commercial enterprise and revenue source. I additionally started my first blog in 2015 that has become so popular within the non-public finance area of interest that it gained the award for the pleasant blog in 2017 from IndiBloggers. But blogging is not approximately prevailing awards; alternatively, it is about experiencing the liberty of running from everywhere and incomes a passive income.

Blogging allowed me to satisfy awesome people like Ankit, Sumit Bansal, Deepak, Harry, Akshay, and many others. They have truely inspiring tales to percentage, in which they selected the route of independence in place of working at a process.

They aren’t constructing one million-greenback enterprise but incomes sufficiently to revel in a king-sized life. We don’t have to document to our supervisor, we outline our paintings hours, and we will see paintings from the mountains, jungles, or deserts as long as we’ve internet connectivity. We paintings once to develop our weblog, after which the weblog makes cash even without running actively.

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