Five of the Best Free Keyword Research Tools in 2019

Keyword research has always been one of the maximum essential (however also time-eating and complex) search engine optimization sports. The fine factor you can do to optimize your key-word research habitually is getting yourself a powerful key-word research device. In this manner, you’ll now not most effectively gather lots of recent worthwhile keywords and automate the entire procedure and keep hours.

The suitable (and awful) news is that there’s an overwhelmingly wide variety of keyword research gear these days, and selecting one can be an actual ache in the neck. That’s why I’ve determined to slim down your preference to five fine FREE key-word studies equipment which has already verified themselves to be reliable key-word finders in the enterprise for the time being.

1. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is an effective keyword research device that has one of the biggest key-word databases and contains 23 key-word study strategies such as Google Keyword Planner, Search Console, and Google Analytics.

By using the software’s Autocomplete and Related Searches gear, you may enlarge your key-word listing with heaps of lengthy-tails, acquire the most popular keywords in your area of interest, and get priceless insights into seeking developments. What’s extra, the tool can also supply you with all viable phrase combos and misspelled variations of your key phrases.

With the help of the Competition TF-IDF Explorer function, the device will analyze your top 10 competitors and gather the most profitable key phrases that they have in the commonplace.

On top of that, Rank Tracker is likewise a complete keyword evaluation tool. It lets you examine the keywords you’ve amassed consistent with the maximum vital SEO efficiency indicators like:

  • Number of searches
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Competition
  • Cost Per Click
  • Keyword duration
  • Expected Ad Clicks
  • and so forth.

With the help of the software program’s Keyword Sandbox characteristic, you could conveniently shop, group, filter, or tag your keywords in any way. Rank Tracker may be extensively utilized for keyword tracking functions. So after you’ve determined the keywords you want to encompass for your campaign, you could flow them to Rank Tracking and continue with checking rankings.

Some users might dislike that there are fewer opportunities for collaboration because Rank Tracker is a computing device-based software program. However, a few may also adore it because the tool can collect big amounts of records.


  • 23 key-word equipment and seven techniques of key-word research incorporated
  • Convenient key-word control
  • Unlimited number of keywords to investigate
  • Tons of clever search engine optimization metrics for keyword evaluation
  • Comfortable key-word storage and filtering
  • Geo-particular search outcomes
  • Cross-platform and multilingual software program
  • Customer assist


  • The software’s interface may seem a bit intricate at first.
  • Desktop software
  • The software may not in shape novices.

2. Google Keyword Planner

The second device on the list is Google Keyword Planner. It’s a loose keyword research device from Google as well as certainly one of the most important keyword databases available as nicely. It works similarly nicely for keyword research and pay-according to-click on campaigns. What’s extra, it’s most effective logical to apply Google’s own tools for conquering Google.

Every key-word idea supplied by way of the device may be accompanied using several beneficial parameters, such as common monthly searches, opposition, and top of web page bid (low and excessive range). Of path, the variety of metrics is quite constrained but remains enough to get a basic knowledge of the key phrases’ quality.

There’s also a possibility to get the right of entry to ancient records (12‐month common search volumes) and clear out keywords (according to the key-word text, average month-to-month searches, competition), or exclude those you already have. After you’ve finished that and decided on the key phrases which you’re willing to hold, you may both add them to your advertising and marketing plan (in case you’re approximate to run a Google Ads marketing campaign) or download a CSV record with all of your keywords and stats that go together with them.

Some customers would possibly find that there’s no exact search volume information irritating – you can only see a few tough estimates. However, you may get entry to precise numbers if you run a Google Ads marketing campaign.

In addition to that, Keyword Planner limits the variety of key-word hints. No rely on how many exclusive seed key phrases you input (you can kind in up to three key phrases), Keyword Planner received’t go back greater than 2,000 keywords, at the same time as other key-word gear, can pull out ten instances more because of the reality that they use extra databases to get key phrases from.


  • Google’s personal device
  • One of the most important key-word databases
  • An opportunity to store keywords
  • Convenient filtering
  • Access to ancient records
  • Smooth person enjoy


  • An indistinct variety of monthly search volumes
  • Limited keyword tips

3. Google Search Console

The 1/3 tool on our list this is also fine to have in your search engine optimization arsenal is Google Search Console. It’s one of the satisfactory options for entrepreneurs who don’t need to invest in paid key-word studies equipment.

First and essential, it’s a great source of keywords being searched and clicked on. Many customers like about the device is its Performance Report, which is a list of your pages that received the maximum clicks from Google, and the exact seek queries that prompted them. Each question will be accompanied by way of impressions, CTR, and common position metrics.

Another issue Google Search Console is ideal at is figuring out Opportunity Keywords (8-20 positions) that – with a few extra on-page search engine optimization and hyperlink building efforts – can result in an extensive rating improvement.

Once you’ve accessed all of the key-word records, it can be quite simply filtered via dates, pages, or devices. However, the tool won’t stay healthy for those who want to look at specific numbers due to the fact Search Console limits and rounds off the stats it shows to users. However, if you want to access a few extra in-intensity and specific key-word facts, combining Google Search Console with Google Analytics is a completely high-quality way out.


  • Google’s personal device
  • Access to keyword statistics for snapshots, web sites, or videos
  • New consumer-pleasant interface
  • synchronization with Google Analytics
  • Access to schooling and assist docs


  • No unique statistics
  • Possible discrepancies between Analytics and Search Console facts
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