Support for marijuana legalization hits new excessive, CBS News poll reveals

Sixty-5 percent of Americans now assume marijuana should be legal — a record excessive in CBS News polling. Most view marijuana as less harmful than alcohol and accept it as true that it is less dangerous than other tablets. Many fighters of legalization but assume it ends in an upward thrust in crime. Most desire the federal authorities to take a motion to prevent pot sales in states where it is legal. Support for marijuana legalization has risen amongst corporations who’ve long opposed the idea. More than half of Republicans (fifty-six percent) now think marijuana use must be criminal — the primary time a majority have supported it in CBS News Polls. And even as older Americans — the ones aged 65 and overstay the age institution least in all likelihood prefer marijuana legalization, barely more of them now desire it than oppose it.

marijuana legalization

Legal marijuana’s impact on society

Two-thirds of Americans accept marijuana as much less dangerous than maximum different tablets, particularly folks who choose legalization. Opponents of legalization are extra willing to take that pot is simply as risky as other tablets. As they have for years and using a wide margin, Americans (fifty-one percent) say alcohol is more harmful to someone’s fitness than marijuana (6 percent). A 0.33 says they’re equally dangerous. Most Americans think prison marijuana use is fine for the economic system and do not suppose it will increase violent crime. Fifty- percent say legalization is good for the neighborhood’s financial system, but more than a few rise to 65 percent among folks who assist it. Most proponents of felony marijuana use don’t suppose it increases crime, but many combatants (49 percent) sguessit does.

Legal marijuana: Government and politics

Most Americans (62 percent) — including most Republicans and Democrats — oppose the federal authorities taking action to forestall the sale of marijuana in states where it’s far presently prison. But roughly two-thirds of legalization opponents aid the management in taking such steps. As a political difficulty, most Americans (fifty-six percent) say a presidential candidate’s aid for legal marijuana wouldn’t make a distinction in their vote. This view extends across party traces. Republicans say they might be much less likely to vote for a candidate who helps marijuana legalization, while Democrats might be much more likely to.

Marijuana use: Who’s tried it?

More Americans now say they have tried marijuana than within the CBS News polling records going back to 1987. Fifty-5 percent say they have attempted it, up five factors from 12 months ago and a record high. Forty-four percent have now not attempted it. More guys (sixty-one rate) than ladies preserve to mention they have tried marijuana, but the proportion of women has inched as much as 50 percent. Two companies whom a majority say they have not tried marijuana are older Americans and conservatives.

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