Top 5 Video Marketing Strategies You Should Try Today

The video represents a key approach for modern marketers. It’s not just the potential for the wow factor; around half of your customers welcome videos from familiar brands like yours. Even better, videos show better levels of engagement than other kinds of business content. Of course, you can always do better in the engagement department. So, keep reading for five key video marketing strategies that will help you boost your video game.

1. Video Production Marketing Strategy

There are two key terms for video production marketing strategy: efficiency and quality. Of course, video production isn’t a marketing strategy, but it supports every other system. Video capture is an involved process that takes everyone a while. Yet, you can enhance quality with careful setup and lighting. You can also boost efficiency in editing with methods like merging videos that bind together all of your clips. Pairing quality video capture with efficient video editing takes a big step in the right direction.

Video Marketing

2. B2B Video Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing has always proven more information-driven than consumer marketing. Businesses want hard information about how a product and its features will solve their pain points. You can develop video content that does this exact thing. You can go with product videos that give an overview of the features. You can also create educational videos determining how the product will solve your customers’ problems.

3. YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

On the Internet, YouTube is the beating heart of video distribution. After all, how many videos do you see on other platforms begin their lives on YouTube? For real success on YouTube, you should aim for diversity. That means videos that range in length. Shoot some short company culture videos to mix in with more heavy-hitting informational content. Also, more content on your channel generally means more success.

4. Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

Social media encompasses many sites. Developing a video marketing strategy for all social media proves challenging for most businesses. As a general rule, however, content designed specifically for social media should lean more toward entertainment value. Make it amusing and memorable.

5. Website Video Marketing Strategy

While you may develop some videos specifically for your website, the odds are good that you already have plenty of video content for other outlets. Embed those product videos on product pages. Embed culture videos on your employment page or your blog. After all, there is limited value in replicating work when you can import existing content.

Leveraging Video Marketing Strategies

Leveraging these video marketing strategies isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. Cut your teeth with some basic culture and product videos you can load onto YouTube. Embed those videos on your website since they’ll appeal to many visitors. Once you get more comfortable with video, consider more specific strategies like B2B or social media video marketing. Build out piece by piece so you maintain a sustainable pace. Looking for more digital marketing tips? Check out our digital marketing section on this site.

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